Between geometry and color

(By Alina Tortosa)

Color is the central theme in Patricia Fairon's works. It outlines shapes, sustains and textures volume and creates the atmosphere. It is the starting point of the sense of belonging that defines her regional identity. Her creative process, her relationship with the canvas and paintbrush, arise from the sensitive perception of the places where she lived and visited during her childhood and adolescence, periods of cultural and esthetical upbringing. 

Her visits to Santa Cruz do Sul, her native town at Rio Grande do Sul state, and her subsequent trips to Ouro Preto and Bahia influenced her work which, the artist writes: start from memories, reminders of my country, houses, roofs, woods, experiences, fragments, ideas that arise as I perform my job. Once in Buenos Aires, Fairon attended Prilidiano Pueyrredón School and Guillermo Roux, Gabriela Aberastury and Anna Rank studios. Although she comments that those workshops gave her techniques and ideas for which she is very grateful, her work clearly differs from that of her mentors.